You’re weird, dumb, ugly, not good enough, annoying, short, too skinny, fat, too tall, you’re a failure, unholy, bad, damaged goods, loser-etc.

ouch, right?

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always gravitated to the words that I knew deep down scared me, but seemed so easy to believe.I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. Once you hear something for a while, it somehow sounds true- so you believe it. I was bullied through grade school all the way till maybe about 2 years ago, when I finally had the courage to believe what JESUS called me to be. -I’ll get to that in just a moment.

I see our minds like a pot full of soil. We have the power to plant some pretty things- flowers, daises, roses..HEY, whatever you like- and whatever you feel like planting. BUT, just imagine if labels and words were WEEDS, and since you forget to notice and just accept what people and circumstances label you to be, weeds are SLOWLY ruining those desired roses {in my case} to grow. You know who the worst gardener is? the DEVIL. He loves to ruin good soil!!!!

He comes in and plants those weeds saying {you’re not good enough, you can’t do that, oh- you already failed might as well just give up} he comes in with all of that and plants them into your soil- now whatever is in your mind, goes to your heart and whatever is in your heart, speaks out of your mouth and becomes your reality. So, if you believe that you are a failure, everything you do will be with a failure mentality. But, I just want to encourage you that YOU have the power to stop the enemy from ever planting weeds in your soil again. I have a tool named weed killer for you and that’s the Mind of Christ and He has given that to you!!! You are not what your past has said about you, you are not what your mistakes are..YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD. YOU ARE AN IMAGE OF JESUS CHRIST. It’s time to kill those weeds in your garden. Take it a day at a time and slowly began to process words differently and each time someone or circumstance slaps you by a label, you’ll be more than aware to not allow it to be a label anymore.


If you don’t know God’s WORD for YOUR life, people will be able to mislead you with THEIR word for YOUR life. People will try to tell you things but know in God you will be directed and rooted into a greater way for your life. But you have to believe it.

I read this in this new book and its called “Grace Rehab” and it says:

The only one who knows the real you – the deep you, the true you – is God. Your Heavenly Father knows who you are. He called you by your true name, not by the degrading names others have slapped on you. He calls you by your true, glorious, beautiful, holy, beloved, honorable, valuable, precious, wise, more than- adequate, powerful, intelligent, just right name. When you call HIM by HIS name, God calls you by your name. You may be ruined by the lies you believe, but you can be healed by the truths you seize. I hope you take that and allow it to be planted into your mind that you are so so special in the eyes of the Lord.

Friend, the Lord knows you by your name, not by the worlds label that they put on you.

He knows you by child, not by mistake.


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