Hey you, I hope you’re doing well today- I felt it heavy in my heart to speak about {relationships}.

Whoever is reading this, just know you didn’t stumble on this by accident; I believe this is for you. I pray that as you read this, love and forgiveness just abides in your being. Just as long as I share with someone (Y O U ) -that there’s a God who’s in love with ALL of you. Every single detail. Your past, present, and your future- nothing less my friend. No more comparing yourself to the worlds view of “love”, that isn’t love that’s lust and by the looks of it- it isn’t working.

We live in a generation who’s so desperately hungry for attention, for love…but somehow we tend to look at all the wrong places. If you look to relationships to complete you or fix you, you’ll stay broken and empty. Love isn’t meant to be a quick fix, it’s meant for God to abide between you and that special person to live out his purpose TOGETHER.

Man can’t heal what is God’s to fill.

So if you’re in a relationship- claim it for the Lord. Allow Jesus Christ to be the center, NO– it won’t make things easier; it’s just allowing the Lord to lead you to better things together. Read the word together; pray, worship, cry, laugh, argue {it’s good for you} understand one another deeply in Jesus. The more you do- the more you fall for the Lord in your alone time, it’ll be like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich {the perfect match} a unit, somewhat of a togetherness- that’s a relationship.

For those who aren’t in one physically; know that you are spiritually, you have someone that has NEVER left your side, someone who holds your heart so gently, waiting to give it to someone else to hold- but in the mean time singleness is a blessing in disguise, that is Gods way of spending time with you.

I encourage you to let him be your first love and I guarantee you, when you fall in love with the Lord; your deepest desire in a woman / man will fall into place at HIS timing. Now, I’d like to mention that yes, sometimes we have a purpose in our life that can’t be fulfilled inside the bounds of CERTAIN relationships. BUT!!!!!! – that’s when you hold the hand of our abba father and trust that HE knows what’s best for your life and knows exactly what you needed THEN at that time, but not NOW; not where He is taking you.

God is ready to take you places where others that were once in your life can’t go. They served their purpose, time to live out YOUR purpose. Let them go with grace and God will take care of the rest.

An ending is NOT a rejection. It’s God promoting you to a new place or a new season.

You were given this life for a reason. Our life stories aren’t the same, they’re all DIFFERENT! Friend, stop resenting your past, stop having conversations with your past- time to speak life into your future.. prepare yourself for that moment.

Single doves start figuring out what powerful purpose is helping fulfill YOU in this season! When you start to question, just be reminded that you’re single because you’re that special to God to be kept in his hands for someone who truly deserves you. Be at peace with yourself. Everything about you..about your as it should be. You are a work in progress, and that’s okay because God has you.

Remember God’s “no’s” are just as gracious as His “yes’s.” He protects us from what we want when it isn’t what we need.

There is no such thing as a mistake for God.

He does everything with a purpose and perfection that none can ever think otherwise. Everything being good or bad for you has a purpose for God because He knows the work He’s doing.

He has you, I promise.

Xx, Monica Lissete

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