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Before anything – before your world gets a little chaotic, I encourage you to sit still and just for a second breathe in HIS peace and HIS love that He has for you this morning. I’m praying for that for you right now. I want to remind you with grace that the same God that holds the world in His hands, the same God who created life with His heart, wants to breath life into your life. Situations, relationships, family, Insecurities – all that has made you believe that your future isn’t bright, that isn’t who you are!! The past is gone – if people left you, if jobs didn’t work out for you, if doors were closed, know that where God wants to take you NEXT is nothing compared to where you’ve been. Allow our precious Jesus to handle what’s left of it, and move forward to where He needs you to be. “His ways are greater than our ways” Isaiah 55:8-9 🌷
The Lord has a way of taking brokenness and making it into beauty once again. If you feel like you’re broken, if your dreams are dead and if you feel as if you’re walking in a valley of negativity – my oh my, you are in for a surprise. The moment you open your heart, the moment you say ” Lord have your way” , Things won’t ever be the same and my heart is jumping with joy for that to happen for you!!! 💗 There’s no other outlet, love or option that can fill what’s made for God to fill, only the love and grace of Jesus – that love is pursuing YOU. Give Him with faith what you’ve been holding on to, ONLY to receive the breakthrough and the blessings He’s been storing for you. It’s time for a new season in your life, a season of Life and of Love. Don’t be discouraged, pain is part of life, but I promise you that every tear you’ve cried, HE will turn into Joy. ✨ HE IS GOING TO USE WHAT YOU’VE BEEN THROUGH FOR A DIVINE PURPOSE. ✨
He promises that when you go through the deep waters of great trouble, He will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will NOT drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will NOT be burned. Isaiah 43: 2
You are His, and He is yours. 💗
Believing in this with you!

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